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Strategic IT Consulting

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Strategic IT Consulting


Prodigy Technology Solutions provides Managed Information Services and Solutions to growing small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2001, we began with a mission to provide the best client services possible to our clients. Since then, we are the South Florida IT company for many companies across the Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach Areas. We combine security, stability, and innovation to deliver the highest quality IT environments and service for all our clients.


Prodigy Technology Solutions will be your Partner in Technology. We provide proactive, innovative IT solutions and support that remove technical burdens so you can focus on your core competencies rather than IT worries. We understand that affordable, efficient information technology is mandatory for the success of your business. We are professional, honest, technical partners ready to help you identify the right solutions to meet your budget, and help your business succeed.


Prodigy Technology Solutions Will:


  • Provide 24/7 Proactive Support
  • Help You Reduce IT Costs
  • Offer Cost-Effective, State-of-the-Art Technologies

  • Ensure Security
  • Help You Comply With Regulatory Requirements

  • Who We Are

    Prodigy Technology Solutions is your partner in technology. We manage your systems so that you can manage your business. Our mission is to become a strategic technology partner that will provide innovative IT solutions and support. We offer professional and responsive IT services that improve, secure, and maintain our clients’ computer networks..



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